About Us.

Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Caribbean Cuisine.

Since its opening Mango’s Caribbean Cookhouse has earned its place among the Pillars’ of Huntsville’s bustling food scene, receiving a number of accolades for its bold, fresh Caribbean cuisine and its gracious hospitality. Mango's is steeped in Island Culinary History, building its flavors on honored recipes from grandma and culinary techniques.
Executive Chef Lauren brings her passion and aims straight to the heart and soul of our guests, with dishes such as braised oxtail, spicy jerk chicken, Island styled collard greens, and lots of vegan and gluten-free options. We buy the finest meats and local farmer’s market finds. So if you are looking for mood-boosting, soul-pleasing, Caribbean-style comfort food, come to Mango’s! Our team will love to serve you!

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Meet The Chef

Chef Lauren Herbert

Lauren Herbert, Chef and Proprietor of Mango Caribbean Restaurant of Huntsville, began her professional career at New York Restaurant Hotel Management School in 1987.

After graduating, she worked as a chef in various restaurants and school cafeterias. Her big break came when she accepted the position as Head Chef at York College in New York in 1990.

Lauren found her love from cooking the tender age of eight and would always try her hand at recipes for her siblings. Lauren was fascinated by the use of spices and flavors from her home land Guyana.

As a result of this passion for cooking Lauren’s mother Claire placed her in every opportunity to enhance this skill set eventually sending her off to evening classes at the prestigious Carnegie School of Home Economics in Guyana where she learned to cook and bake.

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